Compliance of Apps Content

  • The apps you upload shall not be involved with race, ethnic, religion, sexually explicit content, Child Endangerment, violence, Gambling, political bias speech and violence advocating.
  • The apps you upload shall not use another app or entity's brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users.
  • The apps you upload shall not be deceptive, malicious, or intended to abuse or misuse any network, device, or personal data are strictly prohibited.
  • The apps you upload shall not be prohibited by the laws of governed region.

Compliance of Apps Description

  • The apps description shall not have the element that will super-stimulate the senses, such as obscene, teasing, sexual connotation, sexual attraction information or the information that may cause dangerous or bad behavior.
  • No use of false, exaggeration, including but not limited to "rate of success" "rate of efficient" "the best", "the greatest" and "the world number one".
  • Never confuse the app description, for example "the grand new popular mobile phone game pushed by 9APPS";
  • Never attack and defame a third party competing products or competitors;
  • No use of uncivilized words or dirty talk, such as "WTF" and "shit".
  • No expression that will have harmful effects on minors.
  • Never belittle or demean women through describing women's body, somatotype or parts etc. to make it indecent or corrupt or harm public morals.

Compliance of App Icon&Screenshot

  • Icons and sceenshots shall be in clear expression and have correlations with your app content.
  • Icons and screenshots shall be artistic and clear and shall not be distorted, reversal or upside down.
  • Icons and screenshots shall convey positive information, and shall not use the design elements related to negative, nasty, defamation, terror, horror or violent conflict that will make people uncomfortable, for instance, enlarged picture of patient's local affected parts, wound, muzzle aim, accident scene and crime scene etc.
  • Never involve obscenity, sexual provocative, sexual connotation and sexual attraction.
  • Never include political tendency factor.
  • Never include official symbols, flags, badges etc. for example, logo of parliament, court and central government etc.
  • Never include mysterious or superstitious activity.
  • Never use picture without authorized, such as Celebrity portrait, trademark or other without authorized picture.